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Precarious Cheeky Chest

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A compendium of the best 10 drinking games

A compendium of the best 10 drinking games, all re-written with updated cards, twists and dares in one box.

• Precarious Drinking Game | Pre drinks never looked so good with these brand-new Precarious Drinking Game cards. It’s simple to play and highly addictive!
• Beer Pong (20x cups + 4X balls) | Are you a pre-drink legend? Well now’s your time to prove it with this fun classic!
• Never Have I Ever… | Boring players beware! You must keep your wits about you with this game.
• Drink If… | It’s time to put your destiny in the cards control. Not one for the faint hearted!
• Rage Cage | Escape the Rage Cage at all costs! This fast-paced game is a sure-fire winner for any get together.
• Cup Stack | Earn your bragging rights through pure skill and speed. Two players compete head-to-head to stack 9 Solo cups into a pyramid in this speedy skill-based game.
• Shot Spinner | Simple yet wildly effective to get the party started!
• Higher or Lower | Choose wisely or get winey.
• Truth or Dare | Reveal a brutal truth, or dare to be different.
• Flip Cup | Ready, steady go. Welcome to flipping hell.
• Each box contains: 20 x plastic washable/recyclable American style cups, 4 x ping pong Balls, 25 x Precarious cards, 25 x Never Have I Ever cards, 25 x Drink If cards, 25 x Truth or Dare cards, Precarious Spinner, 10 x shot glasses. Rule book.
• Pack: 6 pcs
• Ctn: 6 pcs
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• Age: N/A
•  Barcode: 5023664002956