About Us

Our History

Funtime have been supplying the Toy and Gift trade for over forty years helping to recreate distant memories at the same time as inventing future ones. Its huge array of toys, gifts, games, gadget, puzzles, lighting and confectionery ensure there really is something for everyone.

Revered for bringing the world Disco Dancing Flowers and the singing fish – Big Mouth Billy Bass (still happily singing away in our range), Funtime now create, design and develop many of their own unique products alongside sourcing the latest exciting products and trends from around the globe. The range consists of over 250 different products across numerous brands.


Today Funtime is still breaking the mould with STEM and educational toys alongside our more traditional lines and best-selling world’s smallest range, while many items continue to stand the test of time. Our Pin Art, Newton’s cradle and the classic Metal Spud Gun have been in and out of the range for the last thirty years and will surely continue for many more to come!


Buying with Funtime Gifts

We passionately believe in providing the very best service and in making business as straightforward as it possibly can be. We actively encourage little and often ordering (of course large and often would be most welcome too) and want you to feel and treat Funtime just as if we are an
extension of your business and warehousing.

You can order by phone, email or via our website or you can deal with one of our regional agents. Whichever method you choose you can really rely on being able to place an order today and receive it tomorrow*


Our offices are open 9am to 5pm GMT, Monday to Friday. If you would like a representative from Funtime to visit you at your office or shop this can easily be arranged – please just drop us a line on 0208 856 4699 or email us here.


A carriage paid order is only £150.00* and can be made up of a combination of Funtime products and items from our Spencer and Fleetwood range.



Next day delivery for UK Mainland addresses only.