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Smartphone Cushtie

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Moulding to the bodies every contour, probably the most comfortable cushion in the world!

Cushties. Probably the most comfortable cushions in the world!

Often imitated but never beaten these are the original and best and can only be bought in the U.K. through Funtime. Moulding to the bodies every contour the secret of Cushtie’s amazing comfort lies in the fact that its stretchy outer skin encases thousands of really soft polystyrene micro-granules, so it can literally mould itself into any shape to suit your head or body. Every time you move the Cushtie reforms to give you perfect comfort.

The Smartphone Cushtie is a boxed version of the original. A soft relaxing and contouring microbead pillow with stylised smartphone apps printed on the front face.

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• Ctn: 8 pcs
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