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Growing up has always been optional!


Supplying the Toy and Gift trade for over thirty years, Funtime Gifts helps recreate distant memories at the same time as inventing future ones. It’s huge array of novelty gifts and toys provide something for everyone.

Founder Malcolm Ford, first ventured into the puzzle and gift market while studying civil engineering at Loughborough University in 1969 and with two other engineers, formulated a range of complex 3D puzzles to test the brain, hand and eye coordination. These were launched for the first time in 1972 and led to the foundation of Funtime Gifts.

Funtime is probably best revered for bringing the Disco Dancing Flowers and the singing fish – Big Mouth Billy Bass (still singing and back by popular demand after 17 years) – to these shores. Nowadays in the world of iPhones and iPads, electronics and synchronisation in toys are taken totally for granted; back then it was unseen and was quite groundbreaking.

Today Funtime is still breaking the mould with guns that fire air, animals that laugh, a mini arcade machine, lasers that turn your ceiling into a planetarium, the best-selling world’s smallest range and so much more…

Many items continue to stand the test of time, Pin Art and Newton’s cradle to the classic Metal Spud Gun have been in and out of the range for the last thirty years and will surely continue for many more to come.

We strongly believe in making business as straightforward as possible - you can order today and receive your delivery tomorrow. Order via the phone, email or the website or one of our regional agents, whichever is easiest for you.

The offices are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Our full range including Spencer and Fleetwood and many other specials are available on our website where you can place an order, check availability, look up past orders or reprint an invoice.

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